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Someone I went to grad school with said that she tried to hold on to the smell of a blanket her grandmother gave her. I tried it too, with a shirt. The smell fades.   If I ever smell Lady Stetson again, I would know it in a second. It would be the smell of Junior High and no friends and my sister is so cool. Paloma Picasso is my sister just before she moved out, it is what being an adult promised… Read more »


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I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to create a public art work for what I see as a new phase for Macewan University. It makes me proud.   My sister’s father-in-law, Stan, has rights to trapline territory. The idea for this project came first from a simple desire: I want to visit this trapline. I want to see the place and paint and learn about it. I want to hear the stories.   This trapline is an answer to a question for me: How… Read more »


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I needed stretchers built.  Scratch that.  I needed strainers built.  That distinction was made in the first phone call.   Art Placement in Edmonton is a one man show.  It’s an Edmonton institution, and his name is Dennis.  I heard his voice, which sounded like it was filtered through a good cigar before it was sanded to rough.  “Go to the Goodyear Tire.  I’m in the back.”  It was summer and a good day, so the loading dock was open, and jazz was… Read more »